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Al Gorgoni

Al Gorgoni was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he was fourteen, Al’s family moved to The Bronx, where his life was to change forever.  Inspired by his friend ship with neighborhood pal, Matt D'Ambrosio, and Matt's guitar work  with an uncle, Al asked his father for his first guitar. Miraculously, he was granted his wish,  and a lifetime relationship with the guitar and music was born.


His earliest educational experience on the guitar was with Rico Cari  a very talented singer/guitarist. This led to his first television performance, where he and three other guitarists performed the  well-known Spanish song, "El Relicario."  Eventually, Rico sent Al  to Peter Girardi, a teacher with far more

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Music seems to come through us best, when we abandon the act of making it

Al Gorgoni -Private Side

    Heard by millions while working with pop music’s most brilliant artists, Al’s private musical world has always been the classical guitar. Now he shares with us wisdom gained by decades of playing along side these great stars, in an entirely new light, utterly original performances of beloved Classical Guitar Masterworks.
    Listening to these heartfelt tracks I re-experienced all the true magic which made me fall in love with the classical guitar in the first place, the intensity of personal expression that sets it apart from other instruments and for me sets Al Gorgoni’s Private Side apart from a generation of classical guitar recordings.
    It’s probably all those years of recording with great vocalists that explains how Al breathes so much life into his every phrase, revealing the profundity of these classics in a unique and deeply personal way.
    A highlight of the program spanning 400 years is Vivaldi’s celebrated Adagio. Al’s abilities as an arranger and composer are demonstrated by his improvisational variations on the Adagio themes.  
    Adding to all the inspiration Private Side delivers is a magically spacious recorded sound which brings to mind the great classic guitar recordings of the past.
     Private Side is a true gift to all those who have loved Al’s playing since the 60’s, bringing the guitar in it’s most noble expression to the forefront.
Dennis Koster

Al Gorgoni -Resonance

Dennis Koster-Recuerdos

Directed & Edited by Al Gorgoni


Directed & Edited by Al Gorgoni

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